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31 Days of Style: A Lesson in Basics

For the first time ever, I was featured in a CANDY MAG ONLINE ARTICLE. No words can honestly explain how grateful I am. Just by being part of this article makes me incredibly happy. It's moments like I this whenever what you love to do pays off. So for those who have goals and dreams, just hold on and have a firm grip on what you want, cause one day I promise you, it will happen. You just have to set a goal.

I've only been blogging for about a year and a half now, to be honest I never really imagine being where I am now from the day I started blogging. I'm not saying I'm already successful and achieved my maximum potential that I have, but it a road progress to that, and that's better than nothing right?

Anyways, hope you could all show some love by reading the whole article. here's the link

thank you so much Candy Magazine for featuring me!

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