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Shangrila showcases the best Summer Silhouettes Style Spectrum Fashion Installation previews the trends set to rule the runway of Shang’s weekend fete

The warm season is ushering in a change in sartorial temperaments, together with style persuasions from a variety of inspirations. Top lifestyle destination Shangri-La Plaza shows us what to wear now, setting up a huge fashion fete as part of the ongoing celebration of its 25th anniversary.

The latest Shang Style Spectrum Summer Silhouettes is a fashion event comprising of a fashion show and a fashion installation. The fashion show will run from May 14-15 at the Grand Atrium. The Fashion Installation, which runs from May 4-15 at the East Atrium, is headlined by stylists Team RAINxEM composed of Rainier Dagala (Mega and Meg fashion editor) and Em Millan, and serves to kick-off the series of summer fashion events at the Shang.

Showcasing a number of sartorial directions, Team RAINxEM aims to provide mall guests a guide to getting all styled up this summer. “While we feel that the Shangri-La Plaza audience already has an innate taste level when it comes to fashion and styling, we want to offer them a new point of view by highlighting current trends that we feel are relevant and interesting to the modern consumer.”

So, how best to sum up the mood of the season? Three words: light, brights, and neutrals – those cover everything from color, fabric, structure, to attitude. Airy, light-weight chiffon, jersey, satin, and cotton are the materials of choice in loose, flowing silhouettes to keep coolly polished in rising temperatures.

The return of the Button-Down is definitely noticeable, with the beloved basic getting the color treatment. Though the classic white – no surprise here – still remains a strong contender. Every fashionista should know the power of Neutrals, and it’s a great idea to load up on separates in beige, cream, and gray to tide us over days that call for more muted tones. To round off your must-have wardrobe essentials, the black and white palette is an all-season staple, mixed via summer-appropriate layers.

Women continue their love affair with the Slip On Dress, and why not, as the comeback of the ‘90s staple is imminent in this weather. The year’s iteration is simple, some strappy, with extra ooomphs of ruching, scallops, and pastel color play, for that sweet-sexy contrast with just enough show of skin.

Splashes of Vivid Color, whether as blocked primary hues or in gaily toned tropical or floral prints, cannot help but remind us exactly what season we are in. Nautical will always have a soft spot in our fashion hearts. Stripe tops in navy, red and white, and sailor-inspired pieces are especially adorable on kids.

There’s an influx of Romanticism. Whoever said romance is dead is off the mark with the profusion of lace, vintage appliques and floral prints, but contemporary updated of course. After the huge Pleats of the previous fall, summer spells a downsize with tighter, tinier pleats on skirts and dresses.

Wearing a dress from Aeropostale's Spring Collection 2016