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Hi everyone! I had an awesome idea, since I've been sharing with you all tips on how to get a brighter and whiter smile I'm having a GIVEAWAY so you could really achieve that dreamy smile that you've always wanted! all thanks to @ClozetteCo & @CloseupPH Just simple follow the mechanics below and all you have to do is SMILE.

Here's the mechanics:

1. Follow me @lexiepuzon @CloseupPh & @Clozette 2. Repost this photo 3. Share to us what is your brightest smile moment 4. Tag 3 friends 5. Tag @lexiepuzon @CloseupPh & @Clozette 6. Use the hashtag #365xGiveaway#365CloseUpPH Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to read all your amazing stories. Thank you so much mention @ClozetteCo and@CloseUpPH for partnering with me for this campaign

Who ever has the best answer, will win a box of Close Up Diamond toothpaste. This promo is valid nationwide only and will run until JUNE 9, 2016.

Good luck folks!

#CLOSEUP #CLOSEUPH #diamond #attraction #giveaway #toothpaste #clozette

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