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Okay let me just tell you that this collection was spectacular. Aéropostale really captured the spring line collection from head to toe. When I saw the models run that cat walk, I was like "OMG! I would wear that..and that!" seriously their collection was drop dead gorgeous. For God's sake, even their sporty collection looked amazing. The choice of colors was perfectly hand picked individually, as well as the mix and matching was phenomenon.

Don't even get me started with the Men's line. All the outfits looked refreshing and cool (yes, cool is the right word for this) well I guess matching it with their confidence as well. I love the men's hoodie jackets particularly since they just looked soooo comfy. It's something that could be my go-to outfit. Either if I'm heading to school, running on an errand or just watching a movie with bae, it will definitely go with it and at the same time look effortlessly stylish.

For the women's line, I just absolutely fell in love with their stylish gym wear, fresh looking rompers and the flowy floral dresses. Oh my God! It was just to die for! Especially when they matched it with a denim jacket. Something I would definitely wear this summer!

Hosted by Janeena Chan

You'll definitely stand out if you're wear this to the gym or for a yoga glass.

Just too darn beautiful! This look is definitely one of my favorites. I love how it was matched with dangles and dangles of necklaces. Absolutely a look I'll go for.

They even have a children line which is so adorable. When this little girl came out, everyone just said "awwwww" I mean, how could you not?

MY FAVORITE FROM THE WHOLE COLLECTION! I literally chose this from all, all thanks to Aeropostale.