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Last Thursday was the Manila fashion festival held in Manila Shangrila and I was invited thanks to my Clozette family. And I decided to bring my sister with me, Isa Puzon. This is the first time that I brought her in my events since she's always not in town and I was glad I did it cause I had an awesome time with her given that almost everything went wrong.

You might be wondering what I'm talking about. Well first of, it was my finals week so I had this subject that got prolonged than expected so it took a while. The event starts at 9pm, and mind you by 8:30pm I was still in class (how great right?) plus, I wasn't even dressed yet. Finally when the UBER ride came to pick me up, I decided to do my make-up in the car ( imagine how I did my eyeliner) So finally when I was already with my sister heading to the event I can't help but rant to her cause I absolutely hate the feeling of being late and rushed. Then my sister told me that there was nothing really I can do, it was like it was bound to happen. so might as well make the most of what we can reach and just have a great time. And that's what we exactly did.

We arrived there enough to watch the full show of the last designer which was great since you know what they say, save the best for last. We got a great view of the show and at the same time was shot by the press. Based on the photos you would actually think we were there for a while. We had an awesome time looking at everyone's unique fashion sense both runway models and the audience. Definitely an evening well spent.

Situations like this make me realize that things like this sometimes really do happen and we may not have control over it but instead deal with what ever situation we are in and make the most out of it. Regardless if you're a blogger or not, we are still human and we are not perfect and it's okay to make mistakes. So, always remember that whenever you're in the middle of a situation just like this.

Wearing this dress from Cole Vintage and black heels form Zalora

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