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Photographed by Miguel Azada

Hello Summer! It's time to say good bye to the morning breeze, cloudy afternoons and chilly nights. The heat has been undeniably bearable for everyone, especially when most of your days are in the city. So a better way to beat the heat is jumping into the pool and probably have a float and fruit shake with you and you're all set.


A summer color bikini - Turquoise. A color that's cold to the eyes and at the same time a tropical color and definitely great for mixing n' matching for your summer outfits. This bikini is from CESA. They customized it just for me to make sure that it fits in all the right places. Which is very important when it comes to bikini because remember, when you're uncomfortable, it will show. NO DOUBT about that.

Also, the least thing you want to worry about is your boob popping out while your swimming, right?


If you guys have been following me on Instagram lately, you will notice that this is my most worn bikini in all my recent trips and shoots. Basically because it almost feels like I'm not wearing a bikini. It's like an off-shoulder top that I wouldn't mind wearing anywhere. Just matching it with my Bangkok pants, high waisted shorts, ripped jeans or even a good ol' fashion maong skirt.

..And since it's black, it goes with almost everything. You know what they say, you can never go wrong with black. What I love about this bikini by CESA too is that it's not too revealing which I like. It's that type of bikini where you can wear even after swimming and if ever you feel like hitting restaurant, you won't be too under dressed and not strike that do-you-know-its-rude-to-stare look.


Yes, another black bikini bikini you can never have enough. The more the merrier! When all things go wrong, mood swings, or even those moments where you ask yourself "why did you even buy this?" and it's okay, I sometimes feel that too. I think its normal for us girls to feel like that, we're fickle minded like that (well, I am). It's always a play safe to have a extra black bikini with you.

What I like about this bikini from Vittle and things is that it fits everything in all the right places. Nothing hanging, nothing lose and fits perfectly. I love how the top looks like a sports bra aesthetically so all the support you'll be needing is there. And the little contrast of white works too!


There is this notion that when you wear a one piece bikini is because you're hiding something or you don't like something about your body. Well, it's not like that. It's matter of style, and of preference. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's a classy piece to have. Since variety is the spice of life and nowadays brands are becoming innovative when they design one-piece swimsuits. Seriously, they even don't look like just for swimming anymore.

One-piece swimsuits clearly have an advantage over bikinis. They are instantly eye-catching and are very easy to slip on, especially if you're on the go. Unlike those string bikinis that you have to make sure you secure a tight knot. One pieces are the most trusted swimsuits, they don't fall apart no matter how many times you jump into the pool or how hard the waves hit you.

Another swimsuit from CESA.