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The outfit I went for during the Unplugged Music festival and food bazaar was something cozy and chill. So decided to wear my all-time favorite festive hat (which you'll notice in all my festival photos) slipped on a black bralette that my mom almost threw away (whew! Good thing I was able to save it. I love hand-me-downs) And layered it up with thin white long sleeves knowing the weather here in the Philippines is basically humid. As for my bottom, I decided to wear a brown pencil skirt to contrast with my brown bucket bag. Then lastly, took out my Adidas Stan Smith since they are just soooo comfortable to wear and given that it's an outdoor activity, it was clearly the best choice.

So if you're looking for an outfit idea, hope I was able to help a tip or two. Remember, you can never go wrong with sneakers and a floppy hat to achieve that festive look you're going for.

(Photographed by my bestfriend Esther Lee)

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