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We are dynamic, practical, creative. Casually sophisticated, clean and confident, comfortable and accessible, classic and modern is our aesthetic. We are authentic in spirit yet we allow freedom to express individual style.


A combination of old sophistication and nouveau chic, Cole Vintage designs converge into a lifestyle collection that takes today’s women from work to weekend. The brand’s wide range of bags, accessories, apparel and shoes can be worn by teens, mothers and career-oriented women. We integrate classic designs with current trends to create timeless pieces. Customers can enjoy well-designed and stylish pieces at affordable prices. What started as a small business venture into ladies’ bags is now a brand that provides women with all their fashion needs. Cole Vintage started 2004 with locally manufactured bags which was sold in bazaars. Two years later we were able to open 5 retail outlets in Metro Manila and supply to specialty stores all over the Philippines. We now carry women’s apparel, shoes and accessories for a complete shopping experience for ladies.

Mission / Vision

Our vision is for women to have a well-designed lifestyle that goes beyond their wardrobe. We support this by providing quality, comfortable clothing that is inspired by the balance of modern & vintage.

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