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We are dynamic, practical, creative. Casually sophisticated, clean and confident, comfortable and accessible, classic and modern is our aesthetic. We are authentic in spirit yet we allow freedom to express individual style.


A combination of old sophistication and nouveau chic, Cole Vintage designs converge into a lifestyle collection that takes today’s women from work to weekend. The brand’s wide range of bags, accessories, apparel and shoes can be worn by teens, mothers and career-oriented women. We integrate classic designs with current trends to create timeless pieces. Customers can enjoy well-designed and stylish pieces at affordable prices. What started as a small business venture into ladies’ bags is now a brand that provides women with all their fashion needs. Cole Vintage started 2004 with locally manufactured bags which was sold in bazaars. Two years later we were able to open 5 retail outlets in Metro Manila and supply to specialty stores all over the Philippines. We now carry women’s apparel, shoes and accessories for a complete shopping experience for ladies.

Mission / Vision

Our vision is for women to have a well-designed lifestyle that goes beyond their wardrobe. We support this by providing quality, comfortable clothing that is inspired by the balance of modern & vintage.

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The brand is a good as its team. Met so such incredible people and this is one of the reasons why I love blogging.

The founder, creative director and photographer of SSOWELL - Isa Cruz

1. It's very comfortable

When it comes to style, there's nothing more important than comfort. Regardless of the brand, design or style when you're not comfortable trust me it will show. with Cole vintage I love the fabric that they used in every garment. It fits in all the right places and the clothes don't wear you, you wear it which how it should be.

2. Such classy pieces

I've never seen such a classy and sophisticated collection. Great for women in all shapes and sizes, and not to mention timeless. The color palette is mainly basic, earthy and mute pastel colors. Their collection can be worn from a lunch meeting down to dining with your gals and trust me when you're schedule is full as the cars in Edsa then you need something that can fit your routine and get you by in between.

3. All their pieces are flattering

Cole Vintage knows how to flatter a woman's figure. It knows where to camouflage the curvy bumps that we want to be hidden and for us women that's definitely a check plus plus. You know that feeling when you like a design of a certain clothing of a brand but isn't as flattering as you want it to be in those stick figure manikins? Well I felt like that a dozen times and the feeling sucks cause you end up not purchasing it (just being real ya'll) but with Cole Vintage, there is definitely a piece you'll go head over heels since the designs are great for any shape and size as well as any age.

4. The price is reasonable

The brand achieves the standards of quality over quantity. Even if the price is a bit higher than the usual it shows in the quality of the garment. I swear the moment you feel the texture of the clothing you can already tell it's a great investment.