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Last weekend was the BMS Unplugged Music festival and food bazaar held in Fort Bonifacio Global city. I was honored to be invited as one of their guest bloggers and bring my friends with me which of course, a great event such as this should only be spent with great company, right? I could honestly say it was a weekend well-spent unwinding, relaxing and listening to great music. The event was very festive and chill with people sitting in picnic mats with warms lights dangled on top of their heads while listening to the band playing making the mood warm and cozy for everyone. It’s like what you exactly imagine when you hear there’s a music festival.

The food had a lot of variety, from burritos, to burgers and even tea in a bag, literally in a bag – Thank God I saved my appetite so I can indulge. Sadly I wasn’t able to give the tea bag a try since the line was too long. But my cousin, Gabbie who I bumped into was there and I was able to take a sip and my oh my it was delicious. But my personal favorite was the pork burrito from Crisp 28th (God! It was yummy!) It felt great eating by the grass while listening to the band playing and just seeing people walk by with a couple of hello’s to old friends.

The entire event was great and my love for festivals will never be in doubt. There’s just something about it that makes you giddy and all excited about it.

Thank you so much for having me!

The delicious pork burrito I was telling you about.

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