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When I was asked to do a review on Skin Potion Cosmetics and Beauty products, I was very much delighted and giddy about it. Knowing that I've heard great feedbacks on their brand and I've always seen them in bazaars. If you see a booth with tons of people piling up, that's them. So that's one of the reasons why I was up and about making this review, it's because they are a well-known trusted brand.

Here are the items they sent me and here I want to share with you all about the outcome. But so far, everything's definitely a thumbs up! I'm now a fan of their product since everything is organic and natural. And not to mention, all their products smell good. No kidding!

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1. Strawberry lip scrub

I personally have dry lips and have a bad habit of peeling it. Regardless of any brand of lipstick, at the end of the day it somewhat still dries up. So what helps, are those matte lipstick that are long lasting. Having dry lips could really get annoying especially when your day isn’t over.

But with the help of this Strawberry lip scrub which by the way is my first time to hear about, did really help. It scrubs the dry skin off. So before applying any lipstick make sure to use this first then you’ll see tiny skin peeling off and it doesn’t hurt at all. It smells fruity too and stays (taste kinda good too) it will also keep your lips moisturized and have that glossy effect which

all of us girls want. After a few minutes, you will feel this sensation on your lips, don’t worry, it’s normal. It just means it’s working. There might be tiny particles from the scrub, you can just wipe them off using your hand.

2. Tomato Juice (Serum)

This is what you apply on your face as base foundation before any skin product. Make sure to spread it evenly all over your face. As you wait for it to dry up, you will instantly feel your skin getting stretched and tight which is a good sign. Also, it dries really quick and no after sticky feeling which I like. The Tomato Juice Serum prevents your skin from being oily all throughout the day. As well as minimizing the pores and making your skin smell good. Good to use it at least twice a day.

The container is pretty cute too. Compact and can be easily brought anywhere.

3. Volcanic Ash

This product I find very interesting since it’s also my first time to hear of it, so I did my research on it and guess what I found? Volcanic ash has tons of benefits on our skin.

The benefits of Volcanic Ash on the skin extend to the treatment of a wide variety of infections due to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-yeast and overall disinfectant qualities. Volcanic Ash is high in Sulphur, an active Mineral ingredient which not only helps the body to resist bacteria but actually destroy it. Sulphur exists in your haemoglobin and connective body tissue: -

  • to disinfect the blood;

  • stimulate bile secretion;

  • aid the oxidation reactions in the body

  • protect the protoplasm of cells; and

  • for the synthesis of Collagen (one of the main proteins needed for the structural integrity of your skin)

Volcanic Ash is one of the best kept secrets of the Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Spa. It's uses the ash extensively in signature Volcanic Ash spa treatments to help address skin rashes, cellulite, blemishes, damaged skin, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, acne and even stretch marks. It is also EXCELLENT in exfoliating SOAPS, especially if you have oily skin.

NOTE: While Volcanic Ash can be very benefical for your skin, it is important to realize that where you have an erupting volcano, the plumes of volcanic ash cloud can cause extensive damage even if you live quite a long distance away. Combined with water, this ash turns to mud and often results in mud slides and the consequent loss of life and property.



Step 1: Gently wash you face with water

Step 2: Then slightly wet your pointing finger and dub it in the volcanic ash and spread it on your face in a circular motion. The texture and color is somewhat like mud which is normal

Step 3: Keep spreading it all over your face until everything is covered

Step 4: Wait for it to dry

Step 5: Once it's dry, you will notice that the color will lighten and slightly harden

Step 6: Let it stay for about 20-30 minutes, the longer the better!

Step 7: Wash away

TIP: Do this at least 3 times a week to see progress.

4. Watermelon Pop Soap

When it comes to soap, I can be a bit particular mainly because I don’t like to keep changing from one product to another. You know what they say, consistency is key. But this watermelon was hard to resist, just by its smell you already want to smell exactly the same— fruity! As I was washing, I noticed it soaks up easily and gets thick. Also, you will find your skin softer right after every wash. Though heads up, it might sting if you have any open wounds.

5. Watermelon Lotion

Great to apply on skin every after bath. Keeping your skin moisturized and fruity. I love how it doesn't leave a sticky feeling and dries off easily. Just apply it twice a day and you will honestly feel your skin getting softer.

6. Quite Matte Lipsticks (Semi matte)

The lipstick is like an all-in-one lipstick, gloss and moisturizer. Though since it’s semi-matte, you have to put at least 3-5 coats to get the color to stick. Just apply it twice during the day and you’re good to go. Also, it doesn’t chap your lips unlike those other lipstick brands.

7. Strawberry Fruit Stain Pink Sparkle

This stain is applicable for both lips and cheeks and is made with natural fruit pigment. It doesn’t only nourish it, but also gives that fresh natural pinkish shade. Also, it lasts long. I love how it's natural looking and not so harsh in the face.

8. Mermaid Bubble Body Scrub

This scrub was such a treat! It smelled like bubble gum, a part of me wanted to take a bite (but no worries, I didn't.) It was gentle on my skin and very exfoliating. I tried it while taking a shower, I swear your skin will smell like bubble gum. I also want to try this in the bath tub with candles. That will be a great way to relax.

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