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When I was asked to do a review on Skin Potion Cosmetics and Beauty products, I was very much delighted and giddy about it. Knowing that I've heard great feedbacks on their brand and I've always seen them in bazaars. If you see a booth with tons of people piling up, that's them. So that's one of the reasons why I was up and about making this review, it's because they are a well-known trusted brand.

Here are the items they sent me and here I want to share with you all about the outcome. But so far, everything's definitely a thumbs up! I'm now a fan of their product since everything is organic and natural. And not to mention, all their products smell good. No kidding!

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1. Strawberry lip scrub

I personally have dry lips and have a bad habit of peeling it. Regardless of any brand of lipstick, at the end of the day it somewhat still dries up. So what helps, are those matte lipstick that are long lasting. Having dry lips could really get annoying especially when your day isn’t over.

But with the help of this Strawberry lip scrub which by the way is my first time to hear about, did really help. It scrubs the dry skin off. So before applying any lipstick make sure to use this first then you’ll see tiny skin peeling off and it doesn’t hurt at all. It smells fruity too and stays (taste kinda good too) it will also keep your lips moisturized and have that glossy effect which

all of us girls want. After a few minutes, you will feel this sensation on your lips, don’t worry, it’s normal. It just means it’s working. There might be tiny particles from the scrub, you can just wipe them off using your hand.