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In this generation, everyone will most likely be using a smart phone and having one makes your everyday life more convenient. As a blogger and a smart phone user, here I'm sharing the TOP 16 Apps I use everyday and simply can't live without. From social media platforms to checking the movie schedule and reading restaurant reviews, these things have saved me so much time instead of doing it manually.


Best application in the world. Need I more to explain?


When you want to post more than three photos, this is the app you go to. We all know it’s a social media crime to flood instagram, that’s what Facebook is for. Also, you can share so much things, such as articles, news, videos and etc. Also, it does connect to your friends way easier!


From all the social media platforms, Twitter is the one I’m not so active. Though it’s great to be updated on what’s happening in the world and to know what’s in trend and is the best place to rant (C’mon) but I do love reading tweets before going to bed.



When it comes to music, Spotify saved my life. Whatever your mood may be, you can find it there, wether you're heading to the gym or driving home, they have it. How amazing is that? And not to mention you can make your own playlist and save it offline (for premium plan only) so you don’t need wifi or cellular data to play it every time. Imagine not having to go through the trouble when you’re on a road trip. Just click play.

The Premium plan is worth it. Trust me.


This application is one of my favorites. You know that feeling when you hear a certain song on the radio or in a store and just want to search for it right away, this app basically does it. It will search everything you need, title, artist and year and even save it. Never miss a song in your life. Just click record in 10-15 second and it will search right away. If you don't have internet at the moment, it will automatically save and search it once you have one.


This is where I basically edit all my photos. All the filters are amazing and worth it. I can honestly say it’s a long term investment. They have extraordinary filters that fit the theme I'm going for.


I just love how you can see a sneak peek of how a person’s day went, the transition and not to mention the creative people who makes their snapshot videos artsy ( I love those who goes the extra mile) and I love how you can stay updated with all your friends even if you’re not with them in real time.


I seriously love GMAIL. No offense to all the Yahoo users, I used to be one. But when my boyfriend introduced to me GMAIL it made my life easier. Sending files have never been this easy and not to mention way faster. Getting emails has never been hassle-free. I love how there are so many useful tools.

Google Drive

Such as this one, it’s basically a digital portable hard drive. Need I say more? And you can organize it easily and access it whenever you have access to the internet.

Google photos

Since I have a mega small memory in my phone -16Gb (how sad I know) so I always get that notification “low in storage” and words can’t describe how much I hate it whenever it pops up. Like a little part of me explodes inside. So this app definitely helped. It’s easier than using the complicate Icloud. Once you’ve backed up your photos you can delete right away and access it whenever you have Wifi or cellular data. Saves storage big time!


I’ve been using this app since the beginning. I’ve always loved their concept, having your own personal driver. 3 reasons why I love UBER. First, the convenience, not going through the hassle of driving in traffic, cause it can literally drive you nuts. Second, not wasting time looking for a parking spot. Cause we both know that it can really eat up your time, especially on weekends. Lastly, it’s always on time. Never getting late for a meeting or an event ever again. Cause they give you the information you need such as ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), driver’s information and anything you’ll need.


The traffic in Manila has been unbearable, yes, that’s the right word to use. Seriously. Traffic has been driving most everyone crazy, but with the help of Waze it had really helped big time since it knows the alternative routes and secret roads to go through. Though heads up, some routes may be a bit narrow and tight, but still you get to save time. Their slogan fits them perfectly “outsmarting the traffic together” Amen!


Miggy and I are the type of couple who loooooves to watch movies especially the last full show since there’s less people and traffic so sometimes we go after our 9pm classes so this app is the best way to check all mall time schedules, yes ALL.

Also, you can check restaurant reviews, on-going and upcoming bazaars, what's on sale, shows and events, etc.


Not everyone has Imessage so having viber helps, especially when you're contacting those who have the opposite line. Plus, you can make video calls now. Also, it's international.

Fuji Film Camera App

Since I have the Fuji Film X-A2 mirrorless camera, they have this feature where you can transfer the photo from the camera straight to my iPhone just by using this application.