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With summer finally fast approaching, you got to have your wardrobe ready. We are bound to shop more just because of the trend. But honestly, all you have to do is recycle that high waited shorts that you already have, either remaking it or just finding the right mix n' match. Truth be told, high waisted shorts will never go out of style.

Years and years, high waisted shorts have made their fair contribution to the fashion industry and swept us off our feet. We girls just truly love it.

So here are 10 reasons to justify why we love them.

1. They are very versatile

It's very easy to match with almost everything, either you're dressing up or dressing down to go to a party or just chilling in your best friend's place. It goes well with sneakers, heels, boots, flats, etc.

Also, if you're planning to go to a festival, high waisted shorts are the best choice. Just match it with a long kimono, boots, fringe bag and a flower crown viola you already achieved the hipter look.

2. You can basically find them anywhere

Department stores, thrift shops, bazaars, tiangges, it's everywhere. Even in your mama's closet.

3. Kind on the budget

Finding the perfect high waited shorts is not that complicated, I found mine in a thrift shop. But that's not the best part. It's the price. The price range is about 150-600PHP depending on the brand. I got mine for 150PHP score!

4. Say good bye to those so called love handles

This garment has been a secret fashion shame for us ladies. They really do help with those unwanted curves and have that potential to make you slim down.

5. It makes your booty look good

I myself was not blessed with the Beyonce booty, but nonetheless I'm grateful. But if you want to AT LEAST look like you have somethin' somethin' going around there, high waited shorts are definitely the best to go! (Guilty!)

6. They make your legs look longer

Who wouldn't want that? Enought said *smirk*

7. They have pockets

I don't know about you but having spaces such as pockets to put your stuff in like your cellphone, wallet or even just keys is just pretty convenient. Especially when you're not in the mood to bring a bag.

8. Your mom would mostly would have one

Given that the time where high waisted became a thing was during the time of our moms so I'm pretty sure you could ask them if they kept it. I don't know about you, but I just love hand me downs from my mama.

9.Taylor Swift wears them

If this not a indicator of how awesome it is, then what is? (Yes, I am a Swiftie fan!)

10. Everyone can pull it off

Slim or curvaceous, young or old, tall or short, just about anyone can pull this look off.

(Photographed by Miguel Azada)

Stripe off-shoulder top, Hers by Outbreak Boulevard / Necklace, House of Adri / Highwaisted shorts, Thrift Shop / Sneakers, Bijou Shoes

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