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Last February 6, 2016, was the launch of Silver Works blogger event. As you can see their logo is now minimal and clean (which I love) Now, I had the privilage to go. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to go since that was my birthday weekend.

But surprsingly, even if I wasn't able to go, Silver Works was kind enough to schedule a private meeting for me just so I can go. Basically everything that happened during the event I was able to experience, the talk, the giveaway and the presentation just minus the photowall (saaaad) the food and the production. But it was all good to me since I still had the opportunity to be invited. So for that, thank you Silver Works and thank you Adi Amor.

During the meeting they introduced their new line of jewelries which I found very fascinating. I always had that spark for jewelries but never really had the courage to pull one of. But with the one they have, especially the "promise collection" it was all just so pretty...And knowing Silver Works that has been in the industry in ages, you can definitely trust they will look good on you.

In my goodie box, there they placed a photo of me (which I find so sweet awwww) and a bracelet with a sun and an achor. When I asked why, they just simply told me it's because they noticed by my blog and Instagram feed that I love the beach and adventure. That was just so thoughtful of them, personalizing the jewelry just for me. And yes, they have tons of personalized items that can fit your personality. You can just drop by in any of their branches to see it yourself. They literally have branches nationwide.