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Before anything, let us all thank the farmers who made this style exist. We have to give them credit for the rise of the trend. Growing up I’ve always been an overall kind of girl (before the cool-hipster look were put together). If you see my closet, I have most of the basic colors, white, black, denim, you know the usual. I can honestly say that you cannot have enough of them.

They are such a go-to outfit (well, for me) Look immensely stylish just in 15-mins. Wearing basically anything inside, either a crop top, sweater, tank top, tube, polo or even a loose top, they all work out perfectly fine. I really don’t know what exactly it is that makes it look so good overall.

When it comes to shoes, again almost everything works. From sneakers to heels down to boots, they work to with what you plan to do that day. Either if you’re off to a meeting or going to class overalls is a keeper!

The classic 2013 Denim overall look is basically a trendy laid back style where boy-meets-girl. Though the fashion scene from street to the vintage of thrift shops (which btw, is where you can find the best overalls) are filled with a dozen of different styles and designs. You just have to know where to look!

There are two types of overalls:

The long denim overalls- can be oversized and baggy or tight. Both actually work!

The short denim overalls – it’s the typical girl cute style that is treated like a dress.

For my overalls denim is from @thebasicsgirl which I'm completely obsessed with! Make sure to check out their website too see their amazing collection.

About the Basics girl

Based in Singapore, The Basics Girl was founded as a go to place, to inspire people to be different through a careful selection of trendy wear suitable for leisure or business.

A free-spirited individual,who thinks for herself, observing and collecting data in order to form her own opinions and who is not afraid to embrace the fickle nature of fashion, Denise isn’t generally by arguments of what one is “supposed” to do. She tends to avoid, ignore, or become upset by people who are judgmental or controlling.

She has the courage to test life’s boundaries and limits, and to try things that other people think are impossible, unimportant, or impractical. (These other people are often wrong). She often has her own unique vision of life and the world


Sneakers from @Voguechicmnl

The basics girl official website :

Instagram : @Thebasicsgirl

Facebook :

(Photographed by Miguel Azada)

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