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Last week was one of the worst weeks I ever had. I've lost something very important to me, my laptop. I had my laptop for about 5 years and now a part of me still can't process that it's truly gone for good. All my files and photos just vanished in an instant. If you must know, I am a photo hoarder mainly because I love to look at photos back and forth and memories just run back down my spine whenever I take a look at it... And moments that I like to reminisce time to time. I have to admit, I've been down the past few days and feeling uninspired to blog, but then I realize at some point I have to move and accept the whole situation – Shit happens, right?

But believe it or not something good came out of my misery. It was a good reminder that these are only material things and we shouldn't get too attached to them cause in the end, what matters are memories and relationships.. And those things don't need to be saved in a folder, but felt in the heart.

...And I truly believe in a parallel universe, whatever we lose, we gain something better in return. I lost my laptop for about a week now (so yes, I've been officially laptop-less for a week and counting) but because of that, I had more time to appreciate the things and the people around me.

And besides, maybe this is a good time for a change. So if there's anyone out there experiencing or experienced the same thing like I did, remember it's all about perspective. Hope this helped even just a little.

#laptop #lost #thoughts #realizations

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