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Summer fashion ideas!

Last December, I had the opportunity to travel a lot, so in return I decided to share with you all some fashion tips and style if ever you plan to go to the beach any time soon. Plus, summer is fast approaching anyway. Better be planned advance then to be last minute right?

So my first ensemble is this onepiece from @Eighthmermaid which I'm completely obsessed with because of the color - Pastel pink. If you knew me, you could absolutely say it fits my personality. Then I decided to match it with this off-shoulder lace top from @LureClothingManila to make it more casual whenever I suddenly plan to get a smoothie or what so ever.

Then this floppy hat I got from HnM on sale FOR 300PHP. I got 50% off.

Then this mandala from @PurpleBeetle that I take with me whenever I go to the beach. It serves more than just one purpose. First, I use it for basking under the sun and it has room for more than two people plus my stuff. Second, after taking a dip, it's also great as a towel to use. It keeps me warm. Lastly, it's great for photo shoots!

My first time to take these sandals from @ColeVintage out to the beach and I can honestly say it was comfortable and stylish all at once.

The Bianca sunnies from @SunniesStudios

This second ensemble I decided to cover up more. Mainly because we were exploring Baler and this time I didn't want to feel too exposed. So, here's a little tip, when you're in the beach it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be in a bikini 24/7. Especially if you plan on walking around.

Just by having a kimono type cover up, and you're good to go!

(Whole OOTD from Cotton On)

(All photos photographed by Miguel Azada)

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