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Up up high in Sitio La Presa, Baguio Vol. 5

I'll be honest, I found out about this place through googling, especically the coffee shop, Cafe in the Sky. But unfortunately, when we got there, the whole road was close. I'm not really sure why, but if I'm not mistaken it's something to do with tourism and hit show "Forevermore" being a tourist spot.

Well enough of that, we still made do with the amazing view. Besides, it took about 45 minutes to go there. The view was amazing and not to say quiet colder than how it is in the city. Then there's this place where you could take photos and rent this Igorot hat for 10pesos. So yeah, there's not much to do but take photos and enjoy the view.

#Lapresa #baguio #benguet #ifugao #adventure

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