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The best bargain ever!

The Baguio night market is known to be one of the biggest shopping place at night, at exactly 9pm until 2am in the morning. For 5 hours the whole Harrison road will be closed and made open to vendors selling brand new and thrift items. Not only are their great items to look at but as well as one of the best street food such as steamed corn, squid balls, BBQ and many more which it makes it more fun to shop.

When I was in Baguio the first time around last December, I didn't bring much thick clothes since I didn't expect it would be that cold (regrets I know) so when it started to rain it became even harder to bare with the cold climate. The weather was down to 16 degrees. So when we found out about the night market, no hesitation, we went for it! ..And there I found my Ugg boots which I've been really looking for quiet some time now. Tip, there's only one lady in the whole night market who sells this, trust me I checked. She's the one wearing a red fur hat and she normally stays at the end of the road if you're coming from the top. She sold it to me for 400PHP brand new given that the original price was 450PHP. Then, as for my fur jacket, which was one of the best bargain ever, since I only got it for 250PHP and its branded - Holilster. Score! Though it's thrifted, the quality was still great. Just a little laundry and you're definitely good to go! Well, you can be the judge for the outfit I've assembled.

Sunnies from @SunniesStudios

All photos photographed by Miguel Azada

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