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Baguio Travel Diaries: Arca's Yard Cafe Vol.2

Arca's yard is a café restaurant that I randomly saw online browsing on my phone and in my head “we have to go here”. Imagine finding it beautiful in a picture, what more if you see it actual. So when we went to Baguio, we made sure that we’d really make time to visit this place. Mainly because it was quite far from the city, more or less 30 minutes around the main town. But trust me, it’s worth the visit and the hot cocoa.

It was the most delicious and soothing hot beverage I ever had, it was literally fresh from Benguet. So if you plan to visit anytime soon, make sure you order their specialty, which is the Benguet hot cocoa that cost about 75 PHP. And while you’re drinking either your coffee or hot cocoa, you can enjoy an absolutely amazing view by the deck, though the place is up town so expect fog and a colder climate. Then while waiting for your order you could read books since they have tons of choices and play sungka.


777 Tiptop, Ambuclao Road, Baguio, Luzon, Philippines

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