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Top 5 things you can do in Baler

Besides swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the breezy air, there are ton of other things you can still do in the beach, or in Baler rather. So since this is my second time around, I decided to share to you all the things that I was able to do then maybe when you plan to visit, you can do it as well! All pocket friendly and some even for free!

Catch a wave! Surf non-stop! Baler is known for their waves, trust me, my sister who spends practically half of her week in the beach, doesn’t mind the 8 hour drive just to be able to catch the waves here. So for surfers, this place if definitely your spot.

Rent a hut and sleep The best kind of sleeping is definitely by the shore. I swear, it was one of the best naps I ever had. You feel the air in your skin, the smell of the salty water and just people having fun swimming. Time is really slow in the beach, so you can just relax, close your eyes, wake up and probably still be afternoon. It’s definitely the best kind of lying. My cousin rented this hut for 500 PHP whole day, not bad right? Plus the spot is just few steps away from shore. So when you feel like hitting the water, you can just go.

Have coffee and meet people the famous coffee shop there is the Groundswell café. It’s definitely a hip café and where everyone just hangs after eating. Make sure to order any of their cold drinks especially the mocha one. It’s really refreshing! Then, just meet new people while you’re at it. Like use, we met one of my sister’s friend, Ian who just decided to sit and hang with us while the rest headed to the market place. We ended up talking for about 2 hours. Whoa! That was unexpected and guess what, we’re pretty close now!

Just off the hanging bridge There is this river where you can find the hanging bridge. I thought at first we were just there to see it and maybe even walk through it, but my sister decided that we should all spontaneously jump. The bridge was not really intended for tourist attraction yet but more for the locals who know this area and I already consider my sister as a local. Because of the view of the river the hanging bridge had become popular. It's located at the endpoint of Zabali road.

Eat. Eat. Eat.

There’s no place better to eat than the beach! Especially when you eat using your hands. For some reason the food just tastes better, no kidding! My sister invited a legend surfer who also is a chef. His name is Mark Villareal and the food was amazing! We ate grilled chicken,grilled fish, veggies with corn, potatoes and many more. The combo was a deal breaker with my diet. And the best part about it, we ate it under a banana leaf all together. It definitely was an experience!