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The First Quirky Filipino Juice Line


My Christmas definitely became fruity and not to mention healthy all thanks to Locally. Locally is an all-natural local fruit based drink that absolutely fits the fun and quirky characteristic we Filipinos have. It’s very interesting with how creative they came up with the names as well as the packaging. They used names that will perfectly represent our beautiful country that is the Philippines. Their proudly homegrown variants are Mangosteenie Miney Mo, Tamarind My Bell, Kamias You Are, and You've Dalandan It Again! Their juices are enclosed in eco-friendly bottles, making Locally blended juice drinks good and at the same time does not hurt our environment.

Available in all 7 eleven branches!

I truly appreciate personal letters such as this, thank you so much!

First, we have Mangosteenie, which I can honestly say is my second favorite! The blending is not so sweet and the fruit flavor is just perfectly blended. Though there’s a bit of a sour taste after but over-all, everything works! Very delicious!

Second, we have here is the Kamias. It’s definitely a drink that is refreshing especially when served with ice. At first sip it doesn’t exactly taste like Kamias but the after taste that follows is exactly like Kamias. The taste is very soothing and cooling to the body.

Lastly, we have Tamarind, which has this bittersweet taste. It’s not really my number one choice but maybe for people who have this acquired taste. It has this sour after taste but nonetheless still healthy!

Third, my absolute favorite – Dalandan! It exactly tastes like the real Dalandan, or maybe even better. The taste is very fruity and has great consistency with its flavor. I can imagine drinking this during the summer. Gah…. It will just be refreshing!

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