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Today's pick : @Missy_MNL

It’s the time of month where it’s best to wear hoodies and sweaters. Not just for style, but to also serve its purpose – to keep you warm. What I love about sweaters and hoodies is that it gives you that relaxed and chill approach with well, fits our personality. It's fair to say that Miggy and I like to hang loose once in a while, and wearing sweaters and hoodies just does the job.

Today’s pick is from @Missy_mnl whom I can say, definitely knows what’s trending when it comes to their designs. As you can see, my sweater design is from the famous novel “The Little Prince” then for Miggy, the iconic and a hit in all cinemas at the moment, the storm trooper from “Star wars”. I can honestly say, it was fun shooting for this since we were perfectly comfortable with what we’re wearing and It does really show in the photos. Given that it was cold in Baguio.

All photos photographed by my buddy Martin Acol

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