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Fall feels in December by @ColeVintage

This whole ensemble is about style and comfort. The brand Cole Vintage is definitely fitted for every woman. I've proven this since when I wore this ensemble, I got compliments from my friends, several moms and as well Miggy's grandma and aunt who I was with that afternoon. Besides the style they were truly in love with the fabric the moment they touched it. It was the kind of fabric that regardless of the color, you wouldn't feel uncomfortable in any weather climate. Especially when you're wearing the darkest color of them all - Black.

What I also love about their garments is the way it fits to your body shape. It's the type of clothing that you wear it than the clothing wears you. You know what I mean? To be honest, I am deeply in love with this brand, there is something about their items that is very sophisticated and classy, head-to-toe. Speaking of toes, their MILAN white sandals basically are a perfect match to any of their items. I mean, you can hardly go wrong with white and not to mention comfortable too. One thing I always remind myself is, dress for comfort rather than style. You may look drop dead gorgeous, but it shows in your face how uncomfortable you are, and trust me it's not worth your trouble.

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All photos photographed my Miguel Azada

This dress is called the Issa belle sleeve dress, what I love the most about this dress is the open cut in the arm area. It give that impact in the whole ensemble and adds drama which I love.

About The Brand

A combination of old sophistication and nouveau chic, Cole Vintage designs converge into a lifestyle collection that takes today’s women from work to weekend. The brand’s wide range of