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A fellow Filipino won EUROPOP 2015

It's moments like this where you feel more proud to be a Filipino. It's whenever a person out there waves our flag and gives his/her best in whatever talent they have. In this case, Filipino Ryan Richard Tamondong made it to the headlines of Inquirer newspaper by winning the GRAND PRIX at the Europop singing tilt held in Berlin, Germany last weekend.

Tamondong did not just give it his all in one country but bested from 17 more European countries. How proud can we get? I may not have been present during the event, but my close friend Iya Duenas could really make you feel like you're there with all her stories and great news. This is the time where blogging becomes easy peasy for me since all the news just makes my heart grow fonder and making my environment more positive. Too much positivity that I decided to share with you all. News like this, shouldn't be kept, this is the kind of news that should be shared around the world, in televisions, in social media and elsewhere. Let's be honest, sometimes watching the news can really be depressing, with all the wars going on and many other news which I shall not mention anymore. So, hearing news like this can really motivate all Filipinos and at the same time be more proud of ourselves and how far we came.

That's my friend Iya, isn't she just adorable?

"Filipino Ryan Richard Tamondong won the grand prix at the Europop singing tilt held in Berlin, Germany on Sunday.

Tamondong bested contestants from 17 European countries.

Another Filipino contestant, Gyver Jude Concon, placed fourth in the 18-to-24 age category. Other Filipino contestants, Princess Faith Priel and Mikee Micosa, received a diploma and a medal.

The Philippines is the only Asian country invited to join Europop. This is the second year for the Philippines to join Europop.

Last year, Ana Katrina Ramsey won first place in the 18-to-24 age category, while Gian Marla Gloria placed 4th place and Glee Nette Gaddi third in the 14-to-17 age group.

Also last year, “Goin’ Bulilit” mainstay Cha Cha Cañete placed second in the 10-to-13 age category, while Natalie Erin Martinez received a diploma and a medal.

“There is no doubt that the Philippines is blessed with so much talent. Filipino talent is truly world-class.” Viktor Leis, managing director of Leider Leis Musik Production (Europop organizer), said that the Filipinos have set the standard for other countries in future competitions."

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