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Quick Antipolo getaway!

Miggy and I recently celebrated our 24th month together, boy how time really flies, especially when you're enjoying it. It was just like before where we were just pals who used to hang out with friends and joke with each other. Probably even tease one another. Then now, travelling and facing life/college together then eventually, the real world.

Now that we are at our peak of our college journey, thesis and exhibits, we got too busy in the city. So busy that we actually greeted each other belated happy anniversary the next morning. I know by now someone should be mad or pissed about the whole situation. But frankly, I found it really cute and funny. Just comes to show that we don't need that special day to treat each other extra special, we already do that every day, both happy, sad and even arguing (at times) but that's the beauty of a relationship right? Making everything work out and being happy at the end of the day with the person you love. Aren't I just cheesy? *wink*

Speaking of busy, that was also during the APEC week. Yes, I know it was a longggg break but we weren't really able to go out of town according to planned, since there was too much on the line to take the break that we longed for. So instead, I suggested to take a rain check for the long getaway and take a quick nice one. The first thing that popped out of my head was Antipolo. We wanted something new, a different environment and of course a beautiful scenery and not to mention good food. Considering the drive and time going back. Antipolo was the perfect spot. We discovered this all-day breakfast place called Eggs for breakfast cafe which was located in this huge villa looking compound. The whole place was stunning, once you enter the main entrance, it already feels like a whole different area.

The prices were friendly and the food was great. Though the place is not that big, but you sure can tell that they invested in the interior and location. The best part about it was they had coffee too, my favorite! Also, I suggest if you plan to go any time soon, make sure to try their french fries, it was so delicious, I had a round 2. No kidding! A must-try!