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So when I received and email from Stacy Brennan-Punzalan in the middle of the night, I was stunned. Then, when I scrolled down a little more, I realized it was an email coming from New York City, by then I was even more stunned. I was asking in my head "is this for real?" and I read the whole email again, making sure if it was really for me, and it really was, since it was addressed directly to my name. The email was an invitation from Stacy wanting to have a meeting with me, thinking she'll only be staying a week here. By then, I could already tell that she's a busy person, flying in and out of countries. I had to keep in mind that this woman's time is pretty damn precious. So I replied regardless of the time. This was an opportunity I didn't want to miss! You can never know where these kind of opportunities can lead you to.

Surprisingly, we emailed back and forth really quick and the arrangements were set really fast. Just comes to show how Stacy is. Finally the day of the meeting came. The feelings were rushing through my spine, excited and nervous all at the same time. I don't know, but there was just something about meetings that gives you that cold rush, but then, once it's finish, the feeling is unexpainable. It's like you feel all mature and grown up and you can just take the world, but of course that will just last about a few minutes, it basically adrenaline rush. After a while, the feelings will settle and you slowly realize that the best part about meetings it not really the person who opens that opportunity for you, but it's the person itself. Imagine, having that opportunity to meet that person and know a glimpse of her life and who she is. That meeting was about an hour and a half but it felt really quick since Stacy is such an amazing person and a great company. Miggy and I were very inspired by her and her advocacy, not just in work but in life. She truly a genuine person that has a passion for her job. I absolutely got inspired just listening to her. When we were talking about the collaboration, I was very delighted knowing that I was the only blogger she met up with me while she was in town (OMG!). Of course, just after having a few minutes talking to her, how she looked, how she talked so professionally. I assumed that she have met with some bloggers before me or after me since her meetings were all lined up. But when she said that it was only me, those were moments in my life I will never forget and can never take back. The feeling knowing that a person something in you, something different, it truly melted my heart and I was very very grateful. I can honestly say my blog opened so many opportunities that I never expected, this is definitely one of them. Now, I can humbly say that I am the new face of CLIC CHIC Preppy Chic line and I could'nt be anymore thankful. As their face of the preppy chic department, one of their best sellers is this Steve Madden Crossbody, turquoise bag.

About them: "Philippine fashion is dynamic and ever-evolving. CLIC CHIC is all about keeping up with the trends and connecting the modern Filipina to luxury fashion must-haves without all the drama and nosebleed price tags. Our well-trained eyes zero in on widely sought-after designer items to carefully curate a drop-dead beautiful collection that is accessible to savvy fashionistas with a computer and wifi connection. Forget about getting your stateside-based Tita or best friend to make pa-bili and mule back on her next holiday home! You want it NOW, CLIC CHIC is here to help! " How it works:

Just select from our fabulous merchandise online, whip out your mouse and click. Your order will be delivered to you immediately. It’s really that simple. We do all the work with just one simple CLIC. Why bother anticipating or mulling over the possibility of gridlock traffic when you have the luxury of having CLIC CHICS trusted Brand Ambassadors to personally hand deliver without the fuss? We pride ourselves in superior customer service by ensuring your expectations are being met by delivering on time, having merchandise on hand and continuous updates from our dedicated customer service team! The founders:

Based in NYC, we spot the hot trends, follow the buzzing brands, check the pulse of the runways, and have an insider’s market sense. Dedicated online shopaholics and united in style, we put our heads together and founded CLIC CHIC to give our fellow fashionable Filipinas better quality options to elevate local style.

Stacy Brennan-Punzalan, Founder, started her fashion career as a commercial & print model in the Philippines. Tenacious and driven to take her modeling career to the next tier, she moved to Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong to represent her country, The Philippines which was her motivating factor as she was inspired to set Manila apart and put us on the map. After a successful few years in Asia, she then decided it was time to venture into the corporate world and this time, New York City was the city of choice. She has now comfortably settled in on the other side of the spectrum, having ascended to the top of her field in Fashion Recruitment, Business Development & Project Management collaborating with reputable companies such as Gap Inc, JCrew, Alexander Wang, Amazon and DVF. She now adds Mommy to her resume and has found motherhood to be the most fulfilling experience far yet.

Sophie Bischoff, Founder, gets her business sense from her background working for one of the most reputable advertising firms in the world. She was given the opportunity to hit the ground running and took ownership spearheading several marketing efforts including conferences, seminars, symposiums, publications and related public relations work. She is an expert in strategizing, establishing concept as well as branding identity. She also has tremendous exposure to travel industries, which allow her how to recognize winning trends within different markets. She is an avid traveler and draws her fashion inspiration from people and places around the world.



Go to the other side of the city or just stroll the park, accentuate your walk and strut with this ultimate Steve Madden accessory. Minimalist yet instantly classic cross body bag styled from supple leather and a stylish chain strap, let your fashion sensibility splash in blue and green. There are no questions. The only answer is turquoise.


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