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You may not be aware, but having a case for your devices may speak something about your personality. Just like how bags, shoes, clothes and your whole style make a statement. As well serving its purpose, of course. Here, I will share with you some insights of what your case may say about your personality.

Not using a case at all may mean two things. One is, you're a minimalist and you like to keep it simple. You want to enjoy your laptop or phone as it is, enjoy its beauty of it being slick and edgy. I mean it may be one of the reasons why you bought it. Second, You're a risk taker, You barely care if it falls or what. And we all know that once your phone falls for the first time, you tend to not care as much after some time. The walls had been broken, if you know what I mean.

Having a transparent, marble or monochromatic case - may also mean you're a minimalist and like to keep everything basic but also at the same time playing it safe. You're basically the type of person that it kills you inside whenever you see that tiny dent on your laptop or phone. But also, your fashion statement just really revolves in minimal. Minimal fashion, Instagram feed and everything else.

Having a case that has quotes and sayings - really depends on what the saying is, if it's like a title referring to yourself, for example "wild child" "free-spirited," "Queen B" you simply want to tell people what type of person you are, you're practically giving away the answer and giving them that tiny window to judge you since you're being all out there. If it's a case with broken hearted quotes, self-explanatory. That person just probably got out of a relationship. If it's about moving on, then honey, if you are really trying to move on, you don't have to make it as your case and let everyone see it, you can just keep it to yourself. If it's inspirational quotes, then it simply means you just want good vibes around you and ain't nothing wrong with that. Lastly, if it's a case with a quirky caption, just shows that you have humor or you enjoy the humor.

If it's a case full of stickers, say outdoor sport brands like Roxy, Stoked, Quicksilver, simply just shows that you're an active person and really adventurous.

If it's a case full of stickers of the band you like then you're just a fan girl or guy and hey, there's nothing wrong with that. I like to sometimes fan too. Either t's a singer or a boy band. Any type of sticker that has relation to the music you like, may also show what kind of genre of music you like to listen to. Either rock, jazz, RnB, folk, indie, and many more.

In my case, for being all pastel and ray of sunshine in all my cases, I just wanted something for a change which is being monochromatic and minimally in some of my cases, but every now and then I still go back to those pastel colors and quirky quotes cases. It's just who I am. But that's the great part of it, the fact that you miss it and that you keep going back, just shows that you really have a grasp on what you like. You can easily distinguish what your taste is, and trust me, that's not really a common thing. I've been getting a lot of compliments with my laptop case, to everyone that asked me, mine's from @JustIncaseManila make sure to check them out, they have rad choices and also the keyboard protectors and dust plugs that come in very handy.


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