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Last weekend was the Clothes Buffet Manila Season 2 and I had an opportunity to be part of it which I'm really grateful for since I heard so many great things about it from their last season . This year was held in Eton Centris Walk, which I realized was such a great place, it's a place in the North, it was like a mini Fort Bonifacio. It was actually my first time there and I was very much thrilled.

Okay, I'll admit, I was kinda scared at first when I heard how this whole thing works. Mainly because it's a bunch of girls. Shopping unlimited. 20 minutes. And 1 ziplock bag that God knows how you'll fit everything there. And to think the record to break is 21 pieces, literally what the... I am not even going to finish that sentence. That girl must have practiced like crazy since fitting six was already dreadful, seriously. Unfortunately, six is the number I was only able to fit in my zip bag, but the great thing about it, I liked every single one of them. So here are some tips and advices I've picked up from the experience that I want to share with you all in case you want to be part of the next wave.


A day before the event, practive folding and rolling. The trick here is to roll it as small as you can.


A lot time for choosing and more time for rolling and fitting it inside your zip bag.


Choose all your top picks first, I suggest you get the ones with the thin texture, though if you don't like it, don't force it. It's better to get few pieces that you like, rather than a bunch that you really don't.

Though I had this experience that I want to share. So I really liked this denim jacket, but if I took it, it would be the only one that can fit my zip bag so SACRIFICE! But a little piece of me died inside knowing it couldn't fit with the rest.


After choosing, start rolling it and make sure you press it really tight to assure that you maximized every space.


Check the time. Make sure you look at the clock time to time so you are aware how many minutes are left.


Don't leave the clothes you didn't like on the floor, it might start some disasters. Though there are people around to supervise, still have the descency to pick it up.


Don't get to aggresive, the girls inside the ring are your pals. Wouldn't hurt to have small talks with them while rolling.