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Dessert place discovery : Milkbox

Milkbox is located in Alabang town center, and now that Dad has moved to the South, I finally have the opportunity to explore around, just like this one. Actually, I've passed by this restaurant several times, since the interior is really eye-catching. They have the perfect combo, white subway tiles + brown wood and the best part about it, great lighting. Though the place is not that big, it can only accomodate few inside. But don't worry, there are seats outside. Though, I still prefer the inside since the lighting is there.

Milkbox is definitely known for their dessert and milkshake coffee. I was supposed to try their coffee, but I wanted to try their best seller, which I saw everyone around was ordering. It was this waffle that had vanilla ice cream on top, munched with cereal bits plus your pour milk, talk about YUMMY! It was absolutely delicious, something that I just wanted to savor in my mouth. It was such a different taste (in a good way) and it definitely works.

The name of the waffle is CEREAL MILK. Make sure to try it out, you won't regret it. I'll admit, I feel kinda bad not being able to try their coffee, trust me after the taste of that amazing waffle, you wouldn't really bother asking for more. But it's okay, at least I'll have another reason to come back.

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