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Time to get thoughtful and Gifted PH is here to help!

It's that time again, Christmas! Definitely my favorite holiday of the year. You'll be hearing the bells again, the city lights become brighter even more, the weather becomes colder and you'll just always hear the Christmas music everywhere you go. Either a cafe, malls or even restaurants, it's like they're always remind there you that Christmas is just around the corner.

Speaking of Christmas, have you done your holiday shopping yet? Or are you still far from you list? Well, in this blog post, I'll be sharing to you how to make your Christmas shopping easier and even more thoughtful.

Last weekend, I was invited to an event hosted by Gifted PH in Stella. Gifted PH is basically a gift giving company. They are here to save us from those holiday madness and last minute shopping. Also, since now a days everything is more convenience when it's online, less problems (besides the wifi or cellular date goes wrong) but on top of that, they make it more even thoughtful, since all their brand partners are updated and have a lot of variaty of choices. So, you basically have wide choices. And, not just that you can even personalize your own online gift cards.

Almost every category is here, from food, drinks, desserts, clothing, shoes, wellness, toys, books, beauty and lifestyle. They tapped almost anything you could think of as a gift. It is definitely a gift for anyone, anywhere and for any special occasion.

Oh yeah! I haven't even told you the best part about it, you could do it in less than 10 minutes. Imagine that, finding the pefect gift without even leaving your home. You already saved time and you still became productive, not to mention thoughtful. The perfect gift in minutes! Who wouldn't want that?

So here's how it works:

Tadaaaa! How easy is that? and at the same time undeniably thoughtful!

Gifted PH is trying to change the way Fiipinos give gifts

"At the end of the day, our relationships are our #1 priority. We only want what’s best for our loved ones. But often, we lack time to find the perfect gifts to show the people who matter how much we appreciate them. A

million things get in the way such as heavy traffic, crowded malls, parenting duties, exams, work deadlines and long distance. To make matters worse, once you eventually find time to shop, you go around in circles finding the right gift. You wish you could just buy a gift certificate, but these are often perceived as an impersonal way to give gifts.

Thus the idea for Gifted.PH was born: A simple, easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts conveniently; made out of the desire to help people be more thoughtful despite their busy schedules. The first of its kind in the Philippine market, Gifted is an online gift certificate retail website where you can send gift certificates (GCs) online anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Each GC is sent with a personalized greeting card and a

recommended gift item, eliminating the perception of GCs being an impersonal gift, and making giving GCs more acceptable, fun and personal. The GC can be sent to your recipient for free via email, and they simply needs to print and present it in the store. Or you can have it shipped in a small memorable gift box."

(reference: from Gifted PH press release)


nashi pear, gorgonzola bits, sweet & spicy gochujang dressing toasted sesame


garlic cream cheese dip


roasted tomatoes, garlic silvers


malagos pecorino, fresh lemon


arugula, almond pesto, sundried tomato & chili marmalade

ricotta cream, toasted almonds


all meat, fennel dust, onions

The Stella Sip

our signature iced tea, four red fruits tea, lemon honey, crushed ice

(All photos photographed by Miguel Azada)