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Clozette events presents:

Matrix Philippines COLOR ME MATRIX

Meet my friend Kim, who I have met during the event.

As part of the event, me and my fellow Clozette bloggers were interviewed regarding the whole experience.

1. What's your hair-history? How has your hair evolved through the years? What has been your favourite hairstyle so far?

I have two favorite hair styles; one is when I had my long wavy ombre hair then my chic short hair with bangs which I have I now. Though my bangs grew out since it a bit hard to main it but yeah, by far those are my favorites!

2. In relation to that, what's the story behind your chosen hair colour and style for Color Me Matrix? Were you looking for a total change, go back to your roots, or were just looking for a subtle hint of colour?

Well since I had my hair color change to black 2 months ago for a magazine shoot, it was quite challenging for my stylist to make massive changes, which I understand. So what she suggested is Gold highlights which I liked, to put a bit of spunk in my current hair style.

3.Is your personal style reflected in the way you style/colour your hair? If so, how?

In some way yes, my black hair use to be simple and bland. But now, adding highlights, it gives more fun and determination in my hair style. It’s like I choose to be fun and spontaneous. Which in reality, how I really am. I just sometimes forget it!

4. Look back on your first hair colouring experience: Have you always been a fan of colouring your hair or was it a big leap for you to make that change.

Growing up, I’ve always had that itch to change my hair style. Mainly because I believe change is good. And having new hairstyles time to time is healthy. It’s like you’re allowing growth to shape up the person you’re supposed to be.

Having a great hair also adds confidence, and we all know we need that.

5. How was your Color Me Matrix experience like? What did you like about it? Are you happy with the outcome and what's the next colour you're thinking of doing next?

It was great; I can honestly say it was definitely a pampered Monday. I’m so glad with all the incredible people I met (that’s the best part) As for my hair, since not so much changes we’re made due to my current hair color and time, I really would like to have a bigger change in my next hair color. Probably from black to somewhat light ash blonde.

6.If you could do anything crazy with your hair for the holiday season, what hair color would you pick and why?

Probably ASH BLONDE WITH ICE WHITE OMBRE hair color. But I would want to grow out my hair first.

To read more about this, and the answers of my fellow Clozette bloggers, click the link below:

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