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The Super Sale Bazaar + BrewFest MNL

Last weekend was the awesome Super Sale Bazaar held in Le Pavillon. To those who went, we could all agree that it was quite different. It became a chill and hang out place for everyone. So I decided that everyone should atleast know why they shouldn't miss the next one! Also, maybe the photos could speak itself :)


The tickets are really affordable, as cheap as 100PHP and you get a free shopping bag with that

Reason #2

The photobooth's always the bomb! I mean, they really get creative with their designs and props. Not to mention the amazing backdrop by Chi Gibs


As much as I want to see a variaty of shops inside the venue, sometimes it gets too crowded and congested inside that you tend to lose the mood to shop. Imagine, being like in a canned good. Now, you wouldn't like that right? And hearing everyone's conversation.

Good thing, they were smart enough to choose the shops and make it spacious.


It's a great way to kill time


They were able to choose the stalls. Every stall was something new to see

Like this one, these are actually soaps in a form of cupcakes. How cute is that? It's a great idea for presents, especially this coming holidays.

Reason #6

You get to discover great stores. Here's a little advice, if you didn't get to stock up cash in your purse and you liked a certain item. Don't worry, you'll still be able to ge it, just get their calling card with all their contact in it then look them up once you get home and buy it online


There were so many Instagram worthy corners. Just like this one :)


There was beer for everyone, for those who love to drink. Tons of choices too!


There wasn't just variaty of clothes but food as well!


Tons of activities just like this one, foosball!

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