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What's inside the TRIQUETS BOX?

Halloween's definitely fast approaching, have you decided what you wanted to be? This just might give an idea!

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" The Classic Icon"

Make the perfect first impression in elegance and style. Add some subtle crystal highlights in your wrist, hair or collar. To elevate any standard outfit into regal fare. Charm the outdoor crowd in your classic matte shades or enchant the night with your silken black gloves.

Define your ensemble with a dramatic headpiece to complete the timeless romantic look.


In a world of fast-changing fashion trends, keeping up with the latest styles can be time-consuming and intimidating. Trinquets, a curated service of fashion and lifestyle accessories, removes the hassle and keeps the fun!

Delivered right to your doorstep, Trinquets offers “an outfit in a box”—a coordinated and complete set of items needed for the next dressing up. Each box is carefully tailored by our fashion team, designed to bring out the best in today’s beautiful and busy modern woman.

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Dressing like a princess

Puff and glitter might a Disney character make, but real-life princesses sport a much classier, subtler style. Whether reigning over a royal family or the silver screen, modern-day blue blood is all about exuding understated, elegant female charm. Dress in soft, neutral colors or gentle prints – avoiding unconventional contrasts or loud patterns. Emphasize without baring the slender, feminine parts of your body. After all, the siren herself once said, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you're a woman but loose enough to show you're a lady.”


Fresh as Dawn

With social media taking the world by storm, it takes class to always look your best. Keep your skin and smile fresh by using natural colors in your make-up regime. Alternate your accessories to maintain a simple, sophisticated style. It doesn’t take long to make an impression. Even at her peak, Audrey Hepburn never filmed more than two movies a year. But make sure those impressions count!


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