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New cafe discovery : Barkin' Blends

I've recently discovered a very interesting and interactive cafe. A cafe that everyone would definitely love, especially pet lovers such as me. A cafe filled with all kinds of dogs! How amazing is that? At first I didn't really know how the setup would be, but when I got there, there's a certain procedure that you have to go through and that is what I would love to share with you all in case you plan to visit after seeing this post. Which I hope you really do, cause you're just going to love it!

Step one, you're required to purchase a drink in their cafe, it signify as your entry pass to where the dogs are. So here's their setup. There are two places, first is the cafe, where all the pastries and all the tables are, that is where you will place your order. Once you've ordered, they will give you a pass that will lead you to step two, the dog pen which is just right across the cafe. They will deliver your drink there so you can already go ahead and play with all the dogs while waiting.

The minimum price of coffee to enter is 190PHP but that's already including your pass + drink so not bad at all. The maximum stay in the dog pen is around 2 HOURS but trust me, you won't be needing that much time, 1 hour is perfectly satisfying. Enough time to go around and play with all the dogs. Before entering the dog pen, they will be giving you a locker + key where you can leave all your valuables. Also, your hands will be sanitized before and after the whole experience. For safety and hygienic reasons, for you and as well for the dogs.

For the more detailed rules and instruction, you can head over in their official website:

Cameras are perfectly fine as long as you don't use flash, I know, whew! And there you have it. Easy and fun! I hope you guys really do visit Barkin' blends dog cafe, it will truly make your day and just give you good vibes. Pets and babies are like the two reasons to put a smile on your face and just forget all those worries and troubles.

Also, did you know that there are about 23 dogs in this cafe and there is only one owner for all of them. Talk about dog lover! And oh yeah! You're not allowed to bring your own pet, part of their dog rules, for safety reasons!

About Barking Blends Dog caf

"We believe the bond between human and dogs enhances the lives of everyone and every dog."

Opening its doors to everyone, maybe young or old, Barkin' Blends provides an avenue of relaxation for guests. Located at Quezon City in the Philippines, Barkin' Blends is able to provide a unique twist to the café experience. The café houses its own resident dogs, providing them with the utmost love and care.

Barkin Blends Dog Café

2nd Flr. 91 Rosa Alvero St., Loyola heights, Quezon City, Philippines

Operating hours:

12 Noon to 9 PM



(02) 5337290

No reservations needed!

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