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Today's pick : #PuellaPH

When #PuellaPH and I decided to collaborate I instantly fell in love with their collection. All their designs were a must have and could go in any occassion. When I was choosing through their catalog, it was deadful choosing since everything was too nice and I just wanted to have them all. Yes, it was that nice, so make sure to check out their Instagram account - @PuellaPH, but I was able to narrow it down to two (stay tuned in my next post for the second one). The first one is this neon off-shoulder dress which I was really skeptical if I'll be able to pull it off. But I think I was able to give it a good spin, don't you think?

What I love most about their clothes besides the style is their fabric, it was very comfortable to wear. And there's nothing more important then your comfort. Always keep that in mind!

All photos photographed by : Miguel Azada

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