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Mornings At Tifanny's & Purple Beetle

When it comes to location shoots, I vigorously think about it before shooting. I check if everything will flow smoothly. From the outfit down to the fonts that will be used, also if everything will work together. Think of it as a puzzle, hoping that everything will fall in to it's place but at the same time you need the patience. Because when it comes to art, you just can't rush it.

For this ensemble, I believe my outfit from perfectly blended with the ambiance. I must say, it was fun shooting up top, that incredible view and of course the perfect lighting and we all know that lighting is everything when it comes to photography. That is why our rooftop has always been my favorite secret place.

I remember growing up, I would always come up here and watch the fireworks or sometimes even sneak up just to get a breathe of fresh air, and we all need that. Here's a little tip, when you have your downs and some struggles in life, if you can't drive away remember to always go up. Either in your roof top, a balcony, up hill or even a tall building. There will be moments where you just castaway your problems, even just for a little while. It helps!

Matching my off-shoulder romper with my all time favorite mandala from Purple Bettle, definitely brightens up the photo don't you think?

Photographed by Miguel Azada

#ootd #rooftop #mottifph #purplebeetle #mandala #fashion #bohemian #hippie #boho

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