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My Mom working this Kimono from Simone's Closet

When I photographed my Mom during this last weekend in Alabang randomly, I decided I wanted to blog about her and how she's working this beautiful kimono from Simone's Closet and also, for a change. I want to make sure that my blog consists of many variaty and at the same you get to know a little more about me every post. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Ever since I became Simone's closet brand ambassadress I've always posted myself wearing their clothes (which I love) but today I decided to expand that and share to you all that Simone's closet are not only for my age but also can be carried by Moms and sophisticated women. People sometimes have this thinking that bohemian style are just for the young spirits, but I tell you this, their not. Remember you wear the clothes, not the other way around. I guess it's safe to say that I've developed my bohemian style through my mom, since she always felt comfortable in her own skin. One of the things that I truly admired about her.

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Instagram: @Simonesfashioncloset

#mom #ootd #bohemian #simonescloset

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