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Sweather Weather featuring @ParadiseTreats

Today's gloomy weather calls for the sweater weather and that stay-in kind of mood. I have to admit that it's one of my favorite weathers but at the same time makes me feel guilty since you become extra lazy than the usual (c'mon) But... it's just so comfy, don't worry I feel you. These are the moments where my bed's really clingy with me. Though we have a love/hate relationship growing up, I am now obsessed with my bed. I now cherish every moment I sleep especially napping. Trust me, it's like every second counts, you wouldn't want to take advantage of it! Enjoy it while you still can. Napping is one of the best feelings in the world. That, and you know *wink* *wink*

Imagine, the perfect scenario right now will be this kind of weather wearing your most warmest and comfiest sweather, snuggled in bed with bae, matching it with some hot choco with extra mini marshmallows on top watching the best series ever a.k.a FRIENDS. It just never gets old. Which by the way I've really been hooked on (once again!) ahhhh gosh, what I would die for just to be in that place right now.

Series update: I've finished the whole series of Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. I'm currently staying tuned with the new hit series Scream Queens but I have to say it's really intense but definitely a great thing to watch on a Friday night with popcorn.

Pineapple necklace from @Thecreativesoulph

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