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A feature from Metro Magazine

(Finally off my bucket list)

Okay, the magazine's finally out! The Metro Magazine October issue is finally out. Been waiting for almost 3 months for this before it came out, and now its' really published and distributed everywhere. Words can't describe how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity. It's been one of my goals to get this crossed off my bucket list which by the way I thought would never happen. But's really here and I'm having coffee while looking at it.

Also, I've been asked a few times how I landed on this, so I decided to share it here. But I'm pretty sure my title says it all. Yes, it was from a selfie, believe it or not. So this is how it really happened, I was just scrolling through Instagram (like I always do) and if I could remember carefully, Camie Juan was promoting it. Then when I read through the mechanics, in my head I was like "okay.. this is easy peasy!" but not really sure if I would be picked out from the dozen who sent their entries. But still, I gave it my best shot.

I even thought I wouldn't make it since I saw the contest pretty late, I think it was like 5 days before the promo ends, and I've only accomplished 5 selfies and what you need is 7. But thankfully, on the last day of the contest, they decided to extend *whew* so I made it to the cut off.

Weeks and weeks passed, that I even forgot when they will announce the winners till one of the girls who won too, Clarisse messaged me on Facebook and that was it, well I was really jumping for joy and called up my parents right away to tell them the good news. Oh don't worry, Miggy was right beside me, so he saw the whole thing.

...And that was it, that's the whole story!

Hope everyone could get a copy of this Metro Magazine October issue

#metromagazine #october #colgate #colgateopticwhiteplusshine #magazinefeature #camiejuan

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