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Exploring Paranaque

Discovered another coffee shop and this time it's in Paranaque BF Homes. A lot of people have been telling me that Paranaque has tons of great restaurants and cafes, which I totally agree too since I've been there a couple of times. But not the kinda go there to explore. It was more of a really had to go somewhere. So this time we decided, Miggy and I, to explore it without any plans. Just spontaneously go there and see where it takes us. Probably also find a good looking restaurant and just eat there without any idea about the place.

We ended up eating in a burger place called The Burgery. As I recall, I think my sister mentioned it to me one time that's it's really a good burger place. So, we gave that a try. It was good, but personally I still like sweet extacy more. I guess they just really set the bars really high.

After eating, which by the way we were really bloated, I suddenly had a craving for hot coffee and I remembered that there was an artsy cafe that I once saw here. So we decided to waze it and found that we were just a couple of minutes away (5 minutes to be exact) perfect! As we were parking, we noticed some of the people who were always in the burger place who had the exact plan that we had. Burger than coffee... and it was not like just one or two people, more like 2-3 groups of people who exactly came from where we ate. Then I realized, I guess this is really an it place since they would just really go there to have coffee, do work, play cards and kill time.

Their coffee was exactly what I just needed, plus it's pocket friendly too! Plus, the best part about this is that they have a small balcony outside, which was really calming and relaxing. Perfectly, the sun was about to set. Can you imagine how the sky looked like? B-e-a-u-tiful.

#montecafe #paranaque #bfhomes

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