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Blogger Babes Asia: Manila Launch & Workshop

In relation with my recent post, this was the second event I had to attend to which was held in VYNE Tapas Bar & Restaurant, 8F W Global Building. Which by the way, the view was pretty amazing. Clozette always hold the greatest event.

I'm glad I was able to listen to the successful bloggers who were great enough to share their tips and advices when it comes to blogging which was very helpful. Especially that I still consider myself still as a newbie in this industry.

There was so much knowledge to absorb with all these amazing ladies. But to sum it all up, I would like to share to you all the top 5 things I picked up during their talk.

  1. Consistency is the key

  2. Be flexible with your rates

  3. The monetizing timeline when it comes blogging

  4. Be honest with your reviews, good or bad

  5. Timing is everything

Also, I was so glad I was able to see the my fellow clozette ambassaors in the event, always feels like a mini reunion with them. Plus I have to say the finger food was pretty good, especially the chicken sticks. It was my favorite!

All photos photographed by Miguel Azada

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