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Brand Trunk opening at Alabang Town Center

If you've been following me around in social media, especially on snapchat, you will notice that my weekend recently was jampack and really tight with the schedule. But luckily I was able to make it just on time (kinda on time) in every single one of my events that I had to attent do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining here, you know what they say, when you get busy, it just means you're growing. But you know that feeling that you just want to be present in all the events that if it's possible for you to divide your body in to two, you would. Well, it feels something like that.

One of the reason why I love going to these events is because of the incredible people you're about to meet, and all the great stories you'll hear from them. I count that as an opportunity. Every person I meet in these kind of occassions is my daily reminder of the reason why I love what I do, and that constant reminder is what inspires me to keeping doing this - To blog. So yeah, just so you guys have an insight why I love doing this.

Back to the event, when Ms. Faith Nazareno (founder of Brand Trunk) invited me to be part of the opening of her store, Brand Trunk. It was truly an honor and I can't thank you enough. Also, this was my very first opening that I've attended which I am very grateful for. Definitely a memorable weekend.

For those of you who don't know, Brand Trunk, it is a start up concept store housing the freshest & fave independent local brands, with focus on Ayala Malls expansions. that celebrates local independent brands , both upcoming & established, with hip, interesting & rustic urban style. Their first expansion is a quaint 20sqm in Alabang Town Center featuring 12 online brands, & that just opened last October 3.

Make sure to check out their official Instagram and Facebook

Instagram : @BrandTrunk

Facebook :

With the founder/owner Faith Nazareno

All photos photographed by Miguel Azada

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