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Romper from @Klarra

A few months ago I had a confirmation that I will be collaborating with this beautiful and elegant brand @Klarra. We emailed back and forth, and all was going well. But since @Klarra was based in Singapore, they had to ship it internationally. With that being said, knowing our system here in the Philippine Postal Office, it took months. It came to a point that I thought it was never going to arrive. But it finally did, so yay! Just a side note, whenever you're working with international brands and they tell you that they will have it shipped, expect delay but don't worry it will still arrive. To be honest, it's not the brands fault, but our system here in the Philippines when it comes to customs. Sorry, semi venting out.

I must say, this romper was worth the wait. I'm so thankful, no matter how long it took, it still

arrived. It was the type of romper that's so classy in every angle and plus the color - Rose pink. Don't you think? Well, I won't make this any longer, since I want the photo to speak itself. I've waited long and hard for this collaboration to happen. Thank you so much @Klarra for not giving up on this. Also, this was the first time I took my new baby (50mm prime lens) out for a spin and I am so in love with the outcome.

If you guys want to see more of their collection, head over to their official website:

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All accessories from @SMaccessories

KLARRA is a clothing label that embodies that an aura of poised allure – delivering design creativity, versatility and quality by converging the passion for prints, textures and attention to detail. Since its establishment in 2012, KLARRA has held true to its philosophy of delivering quality and originality with unrivalled care for her customers.

The brand traces its roots to Singapore fashion icon and influencer, Beatrice Tan. While pursuing her business degree at one of Singapore’s top institutions, Beatrice started modeling for local fashion retailers and soon became recognized for her own distinctive sense of style and whimsical charm. KLARRA debuted as an intimate local brand patronized by personal friends and admirers. But within a short span of two years, Beatrice’s quiet resolute and tenacious resolve for success had galvanized KLARRA into a prominent player amongst Singapore’s fashion retailers.

The brand’s sophisticated yet utilitarian designs struck a chord with the modern women who value style as much as functionality. KLARRA’s clientele has since proliferated to include Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom and more. The KLARRA woman is an independent individual with a vivid mindset of her own.

Unfazed by passing trends and undefined by age, she seeks empowerment within, never compromising on her value. Her quiet confidence is a mystery to some and only understood by the discerning.

KLARRA carries two distinctive product lines – KLARRA and FRONTROW BY KLARRA.

KLARRA is an essentials line, comprises of an affordable range of vibrant, functional and casual designs. FRONTROW BY KLARRA is a conceptual premium line, comprises of classic yet fashion forward designs inspired by a kaleidoscope of fabrics and textures. Each collection is created upon KLARRA’s signature modern and sophisticated tailoring that forms the foundation of every woman's wardrobe.

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All photos photographed by Miguel Azada