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Blending in featuring Simone's Fashion Closet and Summer Soul Gypsy

Wearing two of my favorite brands for this ensemble – Summer Soul Gypsy and Simone’s Fashion Closet. Both bohemian fashion and by heart, these brands are for the wild spirits, those who have the urge to explore and live life to the fullest. That is why it is always a pleasure to me whenever I work with brands like these, since I’m just being totally myself. Whenever I wear this style, everything just flows naturally. How I pose, how I move and even how I smile – genuine.

Also, I was trying to work green on green together, since majority of my background is green. Plus it fits my Instagram feed too!

…And look who decided to join my shoot, Polo (Miggy’s pet) who was super photogenic and love the camera.

Photographed by Miguel Azada

#fashion #bohemian #ootd #pilipinasootd #boho #bohochic #collaboration #wildspirits #sponsored #ambassadress

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