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Street style featuring Moda And Stile & Little Black box

I guess it’s pretty safe that my outfit really depends on my mood in every day. More often it’s boho and quirky as all of you know. But this day I felt like playing dressing up and trying something out new –Edgy (I think) & somewhat street style.

It pays to have a basic dress, just like this one from @ModaandStile and let me just tell you about their fabric, it’s definitely comfortable and has great quality. I’m very specific when it comes to fabric, quality over quantity my friends.

As for my elegant necklace, that’s from Little Black Box. Did you know that from every subscription you do will benefit the HABITAT FOR HUMANITY PHILIPPINES and MANO AMIGA ACADEMY, Philippines! Just by that you, you are being very gracious and being part of a wonderful cause. Calling my entire fellow Filipinas that are into fashion as much as I do, you can feel something amazing and at the same time raise awareness on choosing sustainable accessories.

To know more about this, head over to their official website and get connected

"We’re all about advocating MEANINGFUL FASHION. Every Little Black Box subscription assists a family that’s hoping for a decent home, and EACH BOX also helps provide quality education to a child dreaming of a bright future. LITTLE BLACK BOX promotes SUSTAINABILITY. Proceeds from LBB’s sales will benefit non-profit organizations, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY PHILIPPINES and MANO AMIGA ACADEMY, PHILIPPINES." If you wish to learn more about our causes, you may visit their websites: and

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