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Today's pick: @WildheartFinds

If there's one thing that is important about style, it would be comfort, because it shows. Particularly in clothing and shoes. One way or another it will always show, whether you're in an event, meeting or work and trust me, you wouldn't want to experience that. You would just end up rushing and wanting to go home and that would be such a waste.

Here's a tip, always put your comfort first, before style and what's in trend. Just like this dress and pair set from @WildheartFinds. It's something I wouln't mind to wear all day and in any occasion. The fabric is soft and at the same time it adjusts to your body type. And not just that, their designs are made for wild hearts just like you. Plus, they have other interesting items too, like iPhone cases. Make sure to check out at:

Their official website: Facebook:



About them: "We at Wild Heart, want to keep the wild in you by providing you with fashion forward pieces to help you bring out your best style. We believe that you don’t have to be tamed when it comes to expressing yourself through dressing up. So continue being outrageous, mischievous, chic and clever in choosing what to wear!"

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