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Today's pick : @ShopCopper

Need something classy for a meeting? Gonna chitchat with the girls while having coffee? Meeting his

parents? or maybe the weather outside is 35 degrees and you simply just want to feel refreshing. A white lace dress will do the trick! White lace dresses are one of the most alterable styles that anyone can pull off ( plus your confidence of course) The pop of white and the coolness it gives to our eyes definitely seeks attention without being intimidating, and the daintiness of the color creates this approachable and positive vibe all around you. All you need is just to find the most flattering cut for your body and you're good to go. That's what I love about white dresses like this, they are so versatile in any kind of style, either boho, clean or edgy.

I got mine from @Shopcopper you could also check out their website

Necklace from Edge Co

Bracelet from ArticklesPh

Photographed by : Miguel Azada

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