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Creative notebooks for creative people @23060PH

Growing up I've always loved collecting notebooks and other craft materials. Yes, I was one of those girls who would just love to collect those things, artsy notebooks, stickers, stationairies, name it and I'm pretty sure I have collected it. Though I had a bad habit of not using some of it. Well that's kinda exaggerated, more of, I just wait for the perfect time to use it, either a new term is coming up, making a love letter for a special occasion, things like that. Make sense right? I just don't want to go through that terrible feeling of regret once it goes to waste, or if my penmanship was bad that day. Ohh.. the things that run through my head #OverThinkingKills.

But one thing I'm 100 % sure of, you can never have enough notebooks, unless you ran out of thoughts haha! But kidding aside, it's true, you will always, always need a notebook with you. Either you're a student or a worker. I know nowadays almost everything is digital, and there's nothing wrong with that, just make sure you still have those old fashioned basic essentials. As an artist, I've always carried a notebook with me, just in case an idea suddenly pops out. But how inspiring will it be if you had a creative notebook as well, I mean it fits the personality then why not? Just like these notebooks form @23060ph which by the way are all original designs. How amazing! To check out more of her amazing designs head over to:

#notebooks #23060ph #twothirtysixty #crafts #lifestyle #artist #essentials

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