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A little cafe away from the city

Bag of beans, Tagaytay

When I decided to visit this place, I made sure that we would make the most out of it. I was praying

for a perfect weather and of course the perfect people to be with - my parents. Ever since I hit 20 my parents has been so cool with these kind of arrangements, yes, cool is the right term. Which I love! I mean, I've never felt more comfortable with them, who wouldn't love to share moments like this with all your love ones with no awkward feeling or what so ever. Pure fun and nothing to be conscious and worry about. Actually, I was so glad that they were up for it. Road trips with my parents has been so much fun ever since our Baler trip (almost 8 hours in the car together) I guess all the ice had been broken since then. We even decided to bring the puppies, Minnie and Mickey which you will see once you scroll down. My mom purposely bought new clothes for them for this trip.

We decided to go here during our "term break" which was technically less than a week, I was really hoping to go to the beach but it seemed pretty hassle since enrollment and encoding was in between. Ughh, just talking about it already streesses me out. Anyways, back to this beautfiul rustic place - Bag of beans. As all of you know Bag of beans has (it's a new place that just recently opened) 3 branches here in Tagaytay. So if you plan to visit any time soon, make sure to look for the one in Twin Lakes, it's actually a little pass Breakfast at Antonios. If you ask for directions, make sure to mention the very new one and the farthest one of all their branches.

About this place, where do I even begin, if you're into places like this, then the moment you walk-in this restaurant, it will completely swipt you off your feet. It's absolutely beautiful down to the very last detail. They really owned up with their theme - rustic. The decorations around the place was very well thought of and each corner had a different story to tell not to mention Instagram worthy, and their food. Delicioso! All-day breakfast, could this place get any better? This branch has two floors, both had a completely different theme. Though, I wasn't able to stay much in their ground floor since there was an event but don't worry I was able to take photos. If you're looking for a place to shoot, they honey you just found it.

If you guys are wondering how I found about this place, basically on Instagram. Actually most of the places I end up visiting are mostly discoveries from Instagram, some I just see in the feed of the people I follow, some from the explore page and some I really research about.