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New restaurant discovery:

Le Petite Souffle + catching up with friends

So me and my highschool friends were able to finally meet-up for dinner and catch up. We just had to, there were so many happenings in our lives, graduation some were about to start to work in the real world. Jhudiel just turned 21, Mayumi just came back from Europe and Karla was about to leave for that states, see, there was just too much of things going on that we had to catch up before everything just over laps. When it comes to searching where to eat, they always ask me where it's nice. They know me as that kind of person and mainly because I just love discovering new restaurants such as this - Le Petite Souffle. I found Le Petite Souffle while I was browsing through Twitter in one article from Cosmopolitan. It was an article about the most Instagrammable restaurant, and there I found Le Petite Souffle number one. And right then when I saw it, I just had to text blast them that we're eating here, and surprisingly they were all up for it.

The place was absolutely amazing, just the moment you walk-in, you will already feel the modern nature vibe (which I love) The interior will just take your breath away, it was too beuatiful. The lighting was perfect in every angle. It that kind of place where you just want to sit and stare and you just won't get tired of it. The restaurant resembles a French garden ambiance and a little of Japanese hipster accents.

The food were all unique on it's own way. The combination of French and Japanese cuisine definitely worked. Also, there are some food in the menu that you will find interesting, it all really boils down in your acquired taste. But so far everything we ordered was delicious, from the appetizer until our dessert, flawless! Though the price is a bit expensive than the usual but if you're a foodie enthusiast like me, it's definitely worth it!

My favorite photo of us. Keeping it real since '10


Third Floor, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City Telephone: +632 886-3056 Facebook: Le Petit Soufflé Instagram: @LePetitSoufflePH

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